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"Actors and actresses"

Translation:Skuespillere og skuespillerinner

August 16, 2015



Man, these sk-, skj- and kj- beginnings are difficult to remember. Guess I need to read up on these rules a bit.


There are only guidelines, not rules. There is also a difference in pronunciation between '(sk)/skj' and 'kj', as an 's'-sound is pronounced in the first two. Note that 'sk' can only be pronounced as 'skj' in front of 'i' or 'y', like 'ski' or 'sky', but not in 'skuespiller'.


Correct plural of actors is skuespillere ? The hints give me both "skuespiller" and "skuespillere", which I believe is definitive plural, which would translate to "the actors"


Skuespiller is singular. Skuespillere is indefinite plural. The definite plural would be skuespillerne.


Why is actresses "skuespillerinner"? Shouldn't it also take the extra e?


Skuespillerinne (singular) doesn't end in an "r" so pluralizing requires only the addition of an "r"... just like kvinne. I hope that helps! :o)

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