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  5. "я буду робити" vs. "я зроблю"


"я буду робити" vs. "я зроблю"

Hi all!

I understand both of these to mean "I will do" - could someone please explain to me the difference?

Thanks in advance!


August 16, 2015



Without delving too much:

"я буду робити" – I will be doing

"я зроблю" – I will have done

"I will do" usually conveys the meaning of completing the action, so it's usually "я зроблю", but not always.


So threre are separate words for expressing the future perfect?


Welcome to slavic languages. These sentences are almost the same, but with slightly different meanings.

я буду робити: It is more general. It is like "I will you do for work" or "what will you do the next few months" It is focused on longer terms than я зроблю.

я зроблю: This is for one task or task at hand. It is the job you will be doing at the moment, or "what will you do tomorrow" It is much more direct.

I am not a native Ukrainian speaker, but I think I am right on this one.


"я буду робити" - I will be in the process of doing it at some point in future
"я зроблю" - I will finish doing it by some point in future


"я зроблю" implies that you are going to finish doing, while "я буду робити" merely says that you will be doing it. If you want to say that you will have it done, a more direct translation would be "у мене буде зроблено." Think of a child, saying they will do something the parent has asked, and the parent asking whether they'll do it for a period of time, or finish doing it.


я буду робити - You say that you'll be doing, but no one knows if you finish doing that (for example writing book) or you'll just start doing it without finishing it.

я зроблю - You say that you will do this, that you will finish doing that (for example writing book - you say that you will write it and finish writing it)

And I don't speak any Ukrainian, I'm just Polish native, so I may be wrong with that, but I think it is correct ;)

As someone has said - Welcome to Slavic languages :P

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