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  5. "I am drinking her tea."

"I am drinking her tea."

Translation:Jeg drikker teen hennes.

August 16, 2015



When is the possesive behind, when is it before the word?!

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Both work. But remember, when the noun precedes the possessive, the noun has to take the definite form:
teen hennes
hennes te


So, why 'teen' instead of 'te', when it's 'her tea' rather than 'the tea'? Sorry if I'm just being dense :)


Check out the tips and notes! It's a possessive construction.


Ah yes, thank you :) I keep forgetting.


how do i know when to add an S to the possessive


Some possessive pronouns always end in an -s: hennes, hans, deres, dens, dets
While others never do: min, mitt, mine, din, ditt, dine, vår, vårt, våre

The ones with an -s are just personal pronouns with a genitive -s tagged onto them. They stay constant.
The ones without an -s are the ones that have to agree with the gender and number of the noun: min katt, mitt hus, mine barn


I'm confusing when to use sitt or hennes


I'm brand new to Norsk, so this might be wrong, but.... I think you use sin/si/sitt/sine when it refers to the subject of the sentence. For this question, the subject is "Jeg", so "Jeg drikker teen hennes". But if it were "Hun" who is drinking her own tea, I think it would be "Hun drikker teen sin." Could anyone chime in and confirm/deny this explanation?

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You're right! Well done! :0)

In your sentence, "Hun drikker teen sin," if you replaced sin with hennes, Hun would be drinking tea that belongs to another woman/girl.

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