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"Hvor mange personer er det stranden?"

Translation:How many people are there on the beach?

August 16, 2015



Why "det" and not "der"? I though "der" meant "there"?


In this context you say "det" because it's in the phrase "det er" (that is/it is/there are). Normally you would say "der" when speaking of a place that something is in, and "ditt" when speaking of a place to which something is going or must go.


It's trying to emphasize 'how many' (how many it is) rather than the place 'where it is'. That is my best guess.


I know this was ages ago, but for anyone still curious - it's because it means 'there' as in exists/are present, not as in the specific location of 'there' (der)

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I can't tell when she's saying Stand or Stranden... it just sounds the same. Is it really like this in real life, or is it just her cyber-voice that is not very good?


There's a subtle difference, but you have to pay attention to the 'n', rather than listen for the silent 'd' and 'e'. Think "stran" vs "stran-n".

The TTS pronounces it correctly here.


when we use mennesker, and when personer?


Hva betyr 'folk' den?


As I understand it, folk is when the emphasis is on the group, not the individuals within it. Personer shifts the focus onto the individuals who make up the group.

So in this example, asking how many personer are on the beach is a request for precise numbers (lifeguards, for example, might need that kind of information). Whereas asking how many folk there are would be more vague and impressionistic, and would get an answer such as 'mange' or 'ikke mange'.


In my (far from perfect) understanding of English, I think that it would have been better with "how many persons are there on the beach", and I woud say "there are people on the beach". So, in MY usage of English, "people" is mostly uncountable.

In Norwegian, "folk" is uncountable. "Det er folk på stranden. " When ypu start counting them, they are "personer".


Thank you for confirming, agnordby! To help further your English, 'persons' is not used outside of legal or technical documents, or very formal speech e.g. in a court room. In normal speech and writing, we would use 'people' whether we meant 'folk' or 'personer' :)


"Stranda" is not accepted?

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