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  5. "I have a plate and a spoon."

"I have a plate and a spoon."

Translation:Jeg har en tallerken og en skje.

August 16, 2015



Can someone please explain to me, why both

Jeg har en tallerken og en skje. and Jeg har en tallerken og ei skje.

Is correct? Also, which one is more common to use in this setting and are there any exceptions or situations when you have to use ei/en skje particularly?


All feminine nouns may be inflected as masculine nouns. Whether 'ei skje' or 'en skje' is more common will depend on regional differences, but has no difference in meaning.


I though a plate was en tallerk and the plate was tallerken (I am confused)


The base form is "en tallerken", then you get "tallerkenen" for the definite singular.


And tallerkenenenenene for definite plural


I misspelled "tallerken" and the entire phrase corrected to "Jeg har et fat og en skje." Is "fat" another word for "tallerken"?


Accord to Google Translate "Jeg har et fat og en skje" means "I have a dish and a spoon". According to Wiktionary (Wikipedia company online Dictionary) in both Bokmål and Nynorsk it means 1. plate, dish. or 2. barrel, drum, cask.


In some dialects "fat" would be used as plate or dish, in others it would only be used to mean tray or platter.


I answered correctly but it marked my answer as wrong, I'm really confused!


Intermittent software bug.


What ever happened to misspelled a word? It's ridiculous that you get the whole thing wrong for one lousy letter being off in a 10 plus letter word!

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