Level 25!

I finally made it to level 25 in German!

August 16, 2015

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Gratuliere! Are you also planning to do the reverse tree? :)

Danke! No I'm not actually, I think I'm pretty satisfied with what Duolingo has brought me so I'm just doing a bit of reviewing but I'll be quitting soon.

I would recommend not quitting entirely. Keep doing a few lessons every day, either the "Strengthen Skills" feature, or just start at the bottom again, and work your way up in review. While doing this, start studying the grammar itself, using a different site or book, because that will make you understand why certain things are said as they are. Then, expand your vocabulary, and add a little more media to your daily or weekly routine.

Of course, you should already be speaking with people as often as possible. Nonetheless, I would still recommend daily use of Duolingo, just to keep your skills fresh.

Okay, good idea. I'll stick around longer than I was going to and keep on Duolingoing (a bit less though, I'll probably just aim for a daily 50XP). I've recently done the whole tree bottom to top so there's no need. I've been looking through some grammar websites to clarify things, don't worry, and I do already use plenty of media and various other resources :) Yes, I have started having spoken and written conversations with Germans often.

Edit: By the way, even if I did quit Duolingo, I wouldn't have really quit it. I also use the Duolingo Vocab course on Memrise, so I'll be told to review when necessary anyway.

Good luck with your own studies!

congratulations! German is a gorgeous language. :)

Gorgeous? Perhaps, but still a challenge. =)

Nice job! How long did it take you?

Thanks! 7-8 active months. 10-11 total but I was inactive for about three months. This is all lessons and review, as I've never really gotten into Immersion.

Congratulations! I'm finding German very difficult and I'm only about 50% or so done with the tree despite being level 15 already. Did you exclusively rely on the lessons or did you use outside sources to aid you master some of the more difficult concepts?


Seeing your level, I'd assume you already do plenty of review on top of the lessons, which is very good. While I was doing the German tree, the main things I did outside Duolingo were Deutsche Welle ( and Memrise ( Memrise was to memorize the Duolingo vocabulary and Deutsche Welle simply has very good podcasts that let me get used to the spoken language.

A lot of things in German can be very confusing at first, it took me a long time to get a hang of this "hiermit", "dazu" concept. To help you, you can check out Deutsch Für Euch ( and pick out the grammar episodes, which make grammar a bit more understandable and fun. If you need to review a type of grammar, see here:

Otherwise, if you're trying to get used to these difficult concepts like declension, word order, etc. a great way to do it is through reading. You can start by searching online for some reading material, if you need basic things you can always start with children's stories (maybe this?: On Deutsche Welle (in the B1) section, there is slowly spoken news with simpler language that you could make use of, but keep in mind that the level here is pretty high. Also, as far as I'm aware, the Deutsche Welle podcasts all come with a written script that you can read along with and gather knowledge more directly. If you're having trouble with adjective declension, just look the charts up, it clarifies so much.

This post turned out far longer than intended... Oops!

Viel Erfolg!

Wow! Thanks so much for all these wonderful links! (And don't say "Oops!") I love the Deuesche Welle site and I have a bunch of German children's books that are enormously helpful to me, but I must say that after many years of dabbling in German and getting distracted, Duolingo has kept me going and I am learning much more than I ever managed before. Tedious as they are, I would also recommend the old (very old) FSI language courses which are available entirely for free online, including their workbooks (these used to be sold as the "Barron's Mastering . . ." courses). The link to the entire site is here: ( Just download them to iTunes if you like, and download the PDFs for the books. Yes, they are old-school but extremely extensive, and they work on pronunciation a lot (especially with their "Programmed Introduction" courses--really helpful) and the repetition actually does sink in if you keep at it. I certainly would not recommend these as the only learning source because it takes serious commitment to keep going with them, but they're a pretty good resource nonetheless!

But again, thanks so much for these wonderful links! Here, have a lingot!

You're welcome! I've heard of FSI but never really used it, I'll go see :)

I really appreciate the time you put into this post, so thank-you! I shall definitely take a look at these once I've resurrected my French and Spanish trees which have withered considerably due to my two-month hiatus. I especially think hearing the news read slowly is a really good way to go for learning any language.

No problem! I forgot to link you to the specific Memrise course to complement Duolingo so here it is:

The trips are very useful. Thanks for sharing. I give you one Longot.

No problem, and thanks for the lingot!

Deutschlandradio is pretty good: 3 stations at your disposal, recent transmissions easy to pick out, shorter and longer topical pieces on homepage. Also TV; ZDF Mediathek: you can find anything!

I'll be sure to check it out!

Hey, I would recommend to try "Michel Thomas": It's the most efficient way by faaaaaaaaaaar to get going in any language, including German. It's like a virtual class; you'll master most of the grammar without any memorization and pain at all.

Another source of learning that I'd definitely recommend is "Assimil German with Ease"; it's also a good resource. It contains 100 conversation with practices and answers, as well as grammar explanation. This method, like Michel Thomas doesn't require any memorization, only the power of immersion. :-)


Großartig! Sehr schön! Super! Wunderbar! Sehr gut! :)

Danke! Dankeschön! Vielen Dank! Tausend Dank! :)

Congrats in all the languages! (if only i knew how to say it in one other...)

Gut gemacht!


Congratulations! Gratuliere!

Indeed. I wish you look with your studies. :)

Congratulations TrioLinguist!! It's an amazing feeling, right? :D

Thank you! It was a fun 100XP challenge with you. :)

Congratulations. You can be proud, because German a difficult language for non-native Speakers. I as native Speaker, have hear that often.

Thank you! I find German isn't quite as hard as it's made out to be, but it definitely has some complications.

Nice! This is a good motivation for me to reach your level asap!

Thanks and good luck!

Have this german course on duolingo helped you a lot? Do you speak with no problem a basic german now?

Duolingo is definitely very very useful and it's a good goal to finish the tree, Duolingo does a good job of taking you from zero to intermediate in a language and it gives you just what you need to simply get into the language. I suggest using some other resources along with Duolingo, check out Deutsche Welle (

Having used Duolingo and to a lesser extent, Memrise, Deutsche Welle, and a bit of actual practice with native speakers, I am a B1 in the written language and probably A2+ in the spoken language (which is why I indicate my German level as A2+ on my profile). I can speak German and say most of what I want to say, but I have to think a lot and therefore I speak in a halting fashion, when I don't have a dictionary I can still express myself but it can be a bit painful to get around vocab holes!

Viel Erfolg!

Trio, how do you figure out the A1/A2 B1/B2 etc etc? Oh and congrats on lvl 25 :)

Will give that a read soon, thank you!


Congrats! Is it the highest level available?

Thanks! Yes, I can't move on from 25.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Hey, many many congrats for your nice job done :-) I hope to reach level 5 real soon, :-) Just a question, what's the German Fluency ration upon reaching level 25? I'm now at level 20, and Duo says: German Fluency = 52%

One more thing, are you planning to master another language in the future?

Go0d luck,

Thanks! Mine actually says 49%, but I just ignore it. My fluency doesn't revolve around that indicator. :)

Well, before I start learning other languages I'd like to be at a fluent level in French and German (B2-C1). I'm not sure what I'll be doing next, but I'll probably start off on Duolingo if that language is available. Maybe Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Icelandic, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Mandarin, I really don't know at this point; luckily I have plenty of time to decide.

Yes, as you correctly mentioned the percentage is not a big deal. I was just curious.

I'm studying "Assimil German with Ease" as a supplement for Duo, it has 100 conversation - starting from easy and getting more difficult. Because it has audio, I think it's a nice supplement. I would definitely suggest it. You may want to check it out.

I wish you become fluent in German real soon, :-) Best,

I'll check it out and I wish you all the best as well. :)

Well done! German is next on my list, but I still have a long way with Italian. Thanks also for your valuable advice and links. All the best!

Thank you! Keep it up with your Italian studies :)


That is my dream to achieve.

How many times per day do you spent to study German in order to finish the German tree?

How many times per day to achieve the Level 25?

Thank you! Before finishing the tree, I spent whatever time it took to do several review sessions and take two or three lessons. If you aim for 100 XP per day, you can reach level 25 in from level 1 in 300 days.

Good luck!

Sehr gut! I have been less than 2 circles from finishing the tree for a couple of weeks I want to finish Gold. I have entertained trying to reach level 25.

Danke! I wish you luck with finishing the tree and becoming level 25. :)

Your key to the exclusive 25 Club will be mailed shortly. Welcome. ;-)

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