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  5. "Tá seachtó buachaill anseo."

" seachtó buachaill anseo."

Translation:There are seventy boys here.

August 16, 2015



Why is buachaill (singular) not buachailli (plural)?


Thank you! I did the lesson without consulting the notes first. :/


In a previous lesson counting people like boys did use a plural form. Is this different counting?


When counting people from 2 to 10, and 12,you don't use the ordinary numbers, you use a particular set of "numbers of people" that are more like group nouns, and use the genitive plural. - beirt bhuachaillí, triúr fear, ceathrar ban, cúigear cailíní, seisear páistí, seachtar múinteoirí, ochtar daltaí, naonúr feirmeoirí, deichniúr cócairí, dháréag dlíodóirí.

(Many of these words happen to be in declensions where the genitive plural is the same as the nominative plural, but technically, they are all using the genitive plural).


What's wrong with "here are seventy boys"?


That would be Seo seachtó buachaill.

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