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Norwegian course - Mobile Version

Today I downloaded the Duolingo App. for Windows Phone and noticed that the Norwegian course is missing from my platform and from the other courses as well. So, I am wondering what is the reason?

August 16, 2015



Thanks, I didn't realise it was out on Windows Phone.

I bought an Android tablet last month to do Duolingo, I hope it gets added soon to windows phone (I'll most likely switch to Android when my contract runs out)


It is because they only get to the app once they have emerged out of Beta.


Close. There are different benchmarks, and graduation from beta is the most difficult. But there are different benchmarks for the iOS app, the Android app, and apparently also the Windows Phone app, because I have Android and Norwegian is out on that one.

Incidentally, the benchmarks are based on the number of reports per hundred users. Android app got the course once we spent a week under 7 reports per hundred users, iOS and Windows are somewhere below that (not sure where) and graduation from beta is a week at less than three reports per 100 users.

And five days ago, we apparently graduated from beta - I just saw that. Which I guess means the iOS and Windows apps should be getting Norwegian fairly soon, since that was supposed to happen before graduation.


Thanks for the reply! I also thought it was because of the beta status, but wasn't quite sure.


Well, iOS got Norwegian added on June 19, so...


Right, then it looks like Windows phone is the only one without Norwegian on the app. Thanks, Dr. Swordopolis! BTW, I've got this great idea to run past you... sword-chucks, yo!


On Android I have all courses except Ukrainian. Norwegian and Esperanto are the latest with Ukrainian. Long before Norwegian was out of beta it had been added to the app. Ukrainian is still missing. Esperanto is there too and not in beta anymore. Maybe two weeks after they'd entered beta they made it to the app.

I'm waiting for Ukrainian too. I recently asked about it. Maybe the answer is the same for Norwegian. I don't know.

See if it helps you https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10039485$comment_id=10039794

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