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A great dual language resource

If you follow this link http://www.doppeltext.com/en/bilingual-books/123/alarc%C3%B3n-la-mujer-alta# there is a story by Don Pedro Antonio de Alarcon. It is not beginners text, as the language used is perhaps symbolic and a bit flowery. It is also "puro Castillano" as opposed to Latin American. However the story "La Mujer Alta" is entertaining, has a Spanish flavor, and is presented in a unique bilingual format. It is also FREE. I have read bilingual books that give the whole story in Spanish and then the whole story in English (a real pain as searches take forever). I have read stories where the languages are split between facing pages, but your eyes have a tendency to drift over to the English side and stay too long. In this presentation the text is interactive. You read through the Spanish and keep going until you have a problem. When you stumble, you click on a sentence and a English pop up appears. So you read stays smooth and easy to comprehend.

I made a trip to Spain in 2010 to visit cave houses in Andalucia. We stayed in the city of Gaudix, which is at the center of the cave district. The park in the middle of town has a large sculpture of Don Antonio de Alarcon and one cave complex we stayed in outside of town was called Cuevas Alarcon so when I saw this story I was naturally attracted to it.

If you are an advanced reader or a beginner not afraid of an uphill hike, I recommend this link. And, please share your thoughts on the electronic dual language formatting.

Saludos -- Roger

2 years ago