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  5. "Ich mag Teller."


"Ich mag Teller."

January 1, 2013



The "Teller" alone could be translated to "plate" or "plates" corretly in this case. When this sentence was translated with "plate" it was considered as false.


That is right because it can only be plural here. If it were singular, there would be an indefinite article ("einen"). "Teller" itself looks the same regardless of number. For example, "Ich mag Bäume." but "Ich mag einen Baum.". You cannot say "Ich mag Baum.".


Ah that makes sense. Even in English you either say "I like a/the plate" or "I like plates". Saying "I like plate" is absurd.


Without an article, which in this case would have been either "den" or "einen" both in the accusative case, "Teller" is considered uncountable, thus the plural form must be used. Watch out: "Ich mag Teller" = I like plates (generically); "Ich mag die Teller" = I like THE plates (eg. those I saw at the market...)


Yes, but in "Ich mag Teller" Teller is still plural.


The trouble is, I've seen it here on duolingo many times where the English translation doesn't make grammatical sense.


This sentence would probably be fine for someone who collects plates as a hobby but I have never come across it in my 46 years, although the early part of this 46 years, I was unable to speak due to being a baby.


I think it is because if you say " I like plate" it will sound weird. You'll need the article "the/a" in front, but it will change the meaning of the sentence. Sometimes you don't have to translate directly from the sentence it is in German.


It's just like in English, you can't say 'I like plate', you'd need an article in front


I think like tobiasnan and kyky, thank you. and i think too like vitelot

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