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"Did that author write this book?"

Translation:Ar scríobh an t-údar sin an leabhar seo?

August 17, 2015


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Why is this "ar scríobh …" and not "an scríobh …"?


From the Tips and Notes section of Verbs: Past 1

Question Form To ask a question using a verb in this tense, you use the question word "ar" and the verb is lenited (séimhiú) if possible

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Thanks! I had a feeling I should have read the Tips and Notes before starting this lesson, but they aren't available in the Android app (hint hint, Duolingo), and it's difficult to navigate the site on my phone.


Help!! I don't understand at all when you use "t-" before a word beginning with a vowel, and when you don't.


You know the way feminine nouns are lenited after an (an fear agus an bhean)? When words start with a vowel, it is masculine nouns that are effected - so an t-údar (údar is masculine) but an ubh (because ubh is feminine).

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