"Pasta üretimi için daha fazla yumurta ve şeker gerekiyor."

Translation:For the production of cake there needs to be more eggs and sugar.

August 17, 2015

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Another terrible translation. How about 'more eggs and sugar are needed for cake production'? Which actually sounds like English!


I would have never come to this english sentence


How about that: "For cake production more egg and sugar is needed"?


I tried that one - lo and behold, I was marked wrong.


I lost the third time a heart here cause "for the production of a cake more eggs and sugar are needed" Was again marked wrong, the recent translation is impossible to remember, cause it's not English you would use, I think


Bu gerçekten çok zor bir İngilizce kursu.


I think a good standard for the sentences Duo accepts is how a native speaker of English who understands the Turkish sentence expresses it in his or her own language. I have submitted multiple suggestions because mine have not been accepted. The accepted English translations fall far short of acceptable native English constructions.


☝️ lütfen bir şey yap.

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