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What does "Мені Теж" really mean?

I would think it means "me too", but it says that it is also short for "nice to meet you". That doesn't make sense to me, because "мені теж" literally means "to me also" (aka me too) so how in the world can it mean "nice to meet you"?!

August 17, 2015



Only in some alternate duolingo word-match universe it would mean this. I assume you encountered it somewhere in this course, so if I had to guess it would be from this exchange.

-Nice to meet you (приємно познайомитись)

-Nice to meet you too (мені теж)


Yeah in Phrases it said it could mean Nice to meet you


It's not a direct translation, that's just the way we say it in Ukrainian. Technically, "Nice to meet you too" would be "Мені теж (приємно познайомитись)", but nobody ever bothers to say that

Usaually мені теж does mean to/for me also


So "nice to meet you" would be pryyemno poznajomytys' but people just say meni tezh? (I don't have a Cyrillic keyboard for windows, I use the Duolingo app)


The first one says "приємно познайомитись" and the answer is just "мені теж/me too"


Yes, теж is also / too... Мені теж = me too, я теж = I also.. I think so )

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