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"Eu escrevo livros para viver."

Translation:I write books for a living.

October 24, 2013



Is that really how you´d say that? It sounds more desperate in Portuguese.


hahaha.... yes, but that's the way one would say...


I write books for a living = I am an author, writing books earns me money. I write books to live = Someone is pointing a gun at my head; if I don't write books for him, he kills me.


can anybody explain what "books for a living" means? I am German and I don't understand the term. Thanks


"For a living " is a set phrase meaning - "To earn money with which to live."

What do you do for a living. =

What do you do to support yourself

I make my living by selling furniture. =

I earn money to live by selling furniture.


You write books in order to get money. Your are a writer.


I am confused the use of "to". The word "viver" = to live, right? So why " para viver"? Thank you.


It doesn't mean infinitive verbs don't need to be connected with prepositions. In English I understand that we call a verb "to + verb" just to make clear it's in infinitive.


I thought in an exercise before para vivir was translated "for our living", but now it s only accepted as "For a living". Are both possible?


Yes. 'For our living' doesn't fit in "Eu escrevo livros para viver"; it's only one person talking about themself


How would I say I write book to live (= I write books in order to live) ?


The same way! =)

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