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spanish vocabulary

where can i see my all spanish vocabulary that i learned? there is a dictionary with the option to see the translation or somthing like that?

May 23, 2012



Agree ! It would be a good think to have a place where we can find all the words we've learned.


Was about to ask this question myself. I guess I can keep my own list as you suggest but it would be a whole lot easier if Duolingo maintained one for each lesson.


You can up vote it with the little arrow.


Good question. I have thought that myself.


I think using notepad is a stupid solution. You always have to jump back and forth between browser and notepad, also on mobile phones this becomes a pain. The vocabulary should be exportable, or some kind of short-/medium time memory flash card app could be added. I currently use "PocketPauker" for this (android and java, free), but would need to manually synchronize the vocabulary among devices.


I'd be more than happy if duoLingo just kept a running list of vocab that we could download (old school) so that we could practice while driving somewhere, running, waiting for our ship to come in, gardening, etc. I just want to be able to practice the words that I tend to forget meaning and spelling.


Just submitted this questions - Many of us would love a list of words that we've learned to study and practice off line. Is that possible? Answer - We'll have this soon. Hope is on it's way!


You can create your personal dictionary just using notepad. You get practice typing the word and its meaning, and your list is not cluttered with a lot of words you know already.


Do you mean just using the notepad on your personal computer or is there a notepad here in duoLingo?


I meant the notepad on your pc.


Vir, I'd put a like next to your comment if the option was available.


Thanks NiamhR!


why doesn't duolingo provide a spanish dictionary and or translator to look up words or phrases you haven't learned yet?

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