"Norge er et europeisk land."

Translation:Norway is a European country.

3 years ago


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For those who - like me - were wondering why it's a European instead of an European (yeah the 2nd option sounded strange to me, but hey... grammar rules eh...) here's an interesting link.

Because European is said with an initial y sound which counts as a consonantal sound in English speech, It is said (and written) with a not an.

I always thought the a/an depended on the writing of the next word but I guess it's about the pronunciation instead. Guess not only my Norwegian is getting better with this course ;)

3 years ago


Oh very interesting, I have never paid attention to the case with "European", but now I see it's the same situation like with "an hour", which also depends on the pronunciation :)

2 years ago


yep I was wondering ;) - thanks for the explanation! (one trys to get a grip on norwegian and stumbles over english >_> ... )

1 year ago

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I think there are even some nouns that could either have "a" or "an" like "history" or "historic" for example.

1 year ago


Norge er et europeisk land?? Since when??

2 months ago


Thankfully it's not -too- European, being outside the EU!

2 years ago
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