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" cuspóir leis an oideachas."

Translation:Education has a purpose.

August 17, 2015



Ag = Education is in possession of a purpose, like you have a cat. It owns it as an individual agent. Tá cuspóir agam = I have an objective. But Education is not an individual deciding on its own purpose: it is given a purpose, it is delivered with purpose, it comes with it...

For 'an' I would venture that we are not just talking about any old education, but Education, a defined thus generic concept, as in The Education System...


I know it's not very good english, but could this translate as 'there is a purpose with the education'?


It could. (It’s correct English, even though it wouldn’t be commonly heard.)


I think to include that translation would be generous. At this level, it is probably best for course creators to generally discourage direct word-for-word translations, where they don't make sense. (The above translation, to be considered for inclusion, is pretty poor at best).

Choosing to include it would promote the idea that translating sentences word-for-word leads to adequate translation. I guess, maybe... "there is a purpose to education", but even so, in some cases, translation should be based on arriving at the meaning of the sentence.

Also, with this translation, there is the confusion/consideration to be given to the likely abstract idea of education in the Irish sentence (with the def. article) versus. specified education in English (with the def. article). in this English translation.

Though, I'm still on the fence as to the situations where 'an' is used in Irish, when compared with 'article use' in English.


7/1/16 "there is a purpose with the education" not accepted

  • 1592

and still not accepted September 2017


Still not accepted Nov 2018, but the correction indicates a spelling error in "purpose" when there isn't one. Perhaps "There is a purpose with the education" has been included with "purpose" misspelt ?


Tá dhá ceisteanna agam.

Cén fáth a úsáid an abairt sin le agus ní úsáid é ag?

Cén fáth a tá an oideachas é?

(I hope that I got the grammar right.)

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