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  5. "Beyond the restaurant"

"Beyond the restaurant"

Translation:Bortenfor restauranten

August 17, 2015



Is it bortafor or bortenfor?


Same same. It's more of a dialectical choice. I prefer bortafor.


'Bortenfor' in Bokmål, but varies a lot in dialects.



The terms are equal, where choosing to use a-versions means a more radical (rural areas, working class, speaking broadly) bokmål and choosing en-versions is conservative (city dialect, up town, decent/proper speech). If you decide you like bortafor, you also need to choose feminine nouns over masculine (jakke (jacket), [m] en jakke - jakken or [f] ei jakke - jakka. Katt (cat), [f] ei katte - katta, [m] en katt - katten. Stue (livingroom), [m] en stue - stuen, [f] ei stue - stua.) If you look up jakke or stue in my link, you will have both feminine and masculine listed in the same entry. But for katt you need the -e to make it feminine, katt is masculine and katte is feminine, making it two entries in the dictionary (very few people would actually differentiate the gender of the cat by choosing to say either katt or katte)

As an example "The cat is in the livingroom" Katta er i stua - two radical forms Katten er i stua - mixing the two forms, your teacher would make a note on that but it is grammatically correct, just off. Katten er i stuen - two conservative forms


The terms might be equal, but I would still write 'bortenfor' and say 'bortafor.

Some variants fit better in speech and some better in written form, but as you write, consistency is key.


Thanks for the detail! So does duolingo display consistency in this? I've seen different versions, hence the original question. My wife's family favours the conservative forms so that's what I've learned to date.


Is bakom also a valid translation for beyond?


Can we say just Blant restauranten ?


No. Unless you find yourself among a lot of restaurants, then you could say "blant restaurantene".

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