"Some wives drink wine."

Translation:Noen koner drikker vin.

August 17, 2015

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What is the difference between noen and flere?


If you wrote Flere koner drikker vin, it is correct to translate to Several wives drink wine. Q: Do you know anyone at this party (Kjenner du noen på denne festen)? A1 - Noen, meaning yes, some (but maybe not that well). A2 - Flere, meaning yes, several (and probably well). As you can see from my question, Noen can also double in for anyone in some cases (I need a volunteer. Anyone? No one? Jeg trenger en frivillig. Noen? Ingen?


I was wondering why we don't get the word for 'husband/s'?


It's the same word as man (nowadays anyhow). Mann og kone. Husband and wife.


Can someone explain to me why "Noen koner drikk vin" isn't right?


The verb in your sentence should be 'drikker'. Remember in the present tense the conjugation is simple:

jeg drikker du drikker hun/han drikker vi drikker dere drikker de drikker

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