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"Are there people in the bank?"

Translation:В банку є люди?

August 17, 2015



Should "є люди у банку?" be accepted as well?


And the same without "є"?


without "є" it is almost the same:

Є люди у банку? - Sounds like you are asking about people in general. (Are there any people in the bank?)

Люди у банку? - Sounds like you are asking about some concreet people. (Are there those (we were talking about) people in the bank?)


Why do we need "Є"? I thought it was omitted in present tense.


У банку є люди? - Are there people in the bank? Or not?
У банку люди? - Are there people in the bank? Or animals?
Люди в банку? - Are people in the bank? Or in the store?


My guess is without є in this case it kind of means "Are the people in the bank", like "the people" as in people we talked about before. But I'm just guessing.


Так, а мої гроші в банку також.


I'm not sure I follow what you mean by this (I know what it means in ukrainian, I just don't see how it is connected to your question or my answer).

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