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  5. "Vi løper tjue meter."

"Vi løper tjue meter."

Translation:We are running twenty meters.

August 17, 2015


[deactivated user]

    No wonder everyone is getting fat


    If a Norwegian is writing or typing English, usually (but not by everyone) U.K. English is used. So you'd probably find a Norwegian spelling it "metre" in such cases.


    So "meter" is both the singular and plural?


    Where can I find more of these handy graphs?


    Search for the word on https://ordbok.uib.no. The first item after the word (before the etymology in brackets) is in blue. It tells you the gender if it is a noun (m/f/n) or the part of speech (verb, adj.), and may also have number to indicate which class it is in (e.g., m1 or v2). If you click on it if gives you the full table like in Deliciae's picture.

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