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Audio playback problem - Firefox

Hello. I am repeatedly having audio questions fail to work when using Firefox. It only happens on some questions but is extremely frustrating. I've searched the discussion forum and troubleshooting forum and have not been able to find any sort of adequate explanation or fix offered by Duolingo. I have tried every tip recommended in other threads concerning audio problems i.e updating Flash, restarting browser, checking Flash is not blocked....and nothing works. If anyone can help me solve this or link me to the right thread it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

October 24, 2013



I am having the same problem. I've kept reporting the sentences which fail to play audio for weeks, but so far I've seen no response.


See response below, uninstall Adblock Plus & install Adblock Edge https://addons.mozilla.org/En-us/firefox/addon/adblock-edge/


Thanks, but I doubt that's the problem. I do block ads (though not with ABP atm), but most audio on Duolingo works for me. Some sentences just repeatedly and consistently fail to play.


I have been facing the same problem with googlecrome


I am having the same problem with Google Chrome. Thanks


Same with me on Chrome. I have to restart Chrome in order to get it working again. Fresh Windows install: no ad-block of any sort or anything shifty.


Do you have Adblock Plus? I put it on then uninstalled it since I could not do any audio on Duolingo with it. Instead I installed Adblock Edge & it works now. It's a lighter version.



I have reported the issue every time it has happened, but have received no response and no fix. Aargh!


this is also a problem using Chrome. It's not Adblock - I disabled Adblock for this site, but the problem continues.


Does anyone monitor these discussions? I have the same problem with Duolingo failing to register my spoken responses. It seems to be fairly random, but I have had to repeat several lessons because all three hearts were lost because of this bug. "Extremely frustrating" is precisely my feeling! I'm very close to giving up completely on Duolingo because of this one issue.

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