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  5. Windows Phone app please!


Windows Phone app please!

It'd be great to learn on the go

January 1, 2013



WP7 and WP*8 app would be awesome... or at least mobile optimized web (HTML5)


I would like that. If that is too much effort, then at least a mobile site which works on all browsers would be good


Me too! Windows phone 8 would be great, thank you!


Another vote for windows 7/8 phone app! PLEASE!


i would love a windows phone app please!!!!!


my nokia 820 is waiting for your app... or API :D


We would also appreciate if someone from Duolingo answer to this. I sent messages to support, facebook page, twitter page, asking the same question and still no answer. There is a very small difference between making applications for Windows Phone and Android, so i really don't understand what's the problem. Especially if you take the fact that Windows Phone market is growing really fast. So please, someone answer! I would really love to lie down in bed and learn specific language, not sitting on chair all the time.


WE need duolingo in windows phone 8


Please create app!


hello, any status of the WP8 app or mobile web site, WP is growing faster and faster every day.


Can we have some sort of feedback from the developers please?


Duolingo on WP8 please! Instagram just announced they're coming to Windows phones. We can't get bigger in the market if companies won't invest in it. Its Microsoft. Come On!!!


Upvote! WP7,WP8 would be appreciated!


I'd like to add my vote for a WP8 app or HTML5 mobile site please!


Agree, windows phone app asap please!


i love this site but i want it on windows phone too


Are there plans to add an app for the new Windows phones?


Please, an app for Windows phone!


I would love a WP app, please make it happen! =D


I would love a WP app, please make it happen! =D


I am very happy with my Windows Phone so yes please. THX


Really am dieing to stop using the duolingo website on my phone, and start using a new windows duolingo app. You guys rock, keep the ball rolling and make a windows app fast before the competition do. Pleeeeeease


When you don't get an iPhone, or a Samsung, you get a windows phone.. Get an app going!


WP is growing everyday. Duolingo app would be great!


App for Windows phone please!!!! :) :)


App for Windows phone please!


I agree! Hard to keep up with my friends without a phone application!


I'd love an app for windows phone also! Now that WP is becoming more popular (mainly overseas due to low budget phones) it will be a perfect way for many people who can't afford Rosetta Stone or an iPhone to learn a new language.


anyway you can play it in the explorer browser in WP as well pretty well, hence app would be much better, thats for sure


Yes, duolingo for windows phone would be great


Windows phone app please!


Unfortunately, the Windows phone market is still very small at this time in comparison to iOS and Android. Luis (the Ceo/Co-founder) has said they are not working on a Windows phone app. There is already a lot to focus on with the current platforms and working on another that reaches a much smaller percentage of people would require a disproportionate amount of resources away from existing platforms. Your best chance at getting a Duolingo app is to switch phones. :(


Wow! I am really disappointed that you all are not interested in capturing this market. With the windows phone and tablet (8/8.1) sdks being so easy to port it couldn't possibly cost very much to port your iPhone and android apps. I have been following this discussion for quite a while in hopes that your company would take heed to the well know statistical reality that for every person that takes the time and effort to make a comment on a thread like this, there are 9 more who simply won't put forth the effort to make their voices heard. You had the chance to come out with a real win, and instead have chosen to abandon those who would have been very loyal users.

It sounds like it is time for me to move on an find a more forward thinking solution for language study. In case you didn't know, there are plenty out there.

Perhaps you could just post for us a clear l, concise explanation on how to cancel our accounts; since you are in effect telling all windows phone users that you are not remotely interested in having us.

Sent from my Windows phone!


I'm a user like you. I volunteer as a mod in my spare time. I have nothing to do with marketing. Some other users are creating something for Windows, I'd talk to Dessamator and see if they know how that's going.


The least that they could do is a usable mobile site. I'm very disappoint that they don't see the need of a WP app. In some markets in Europe and Latin America WP has more users that iPhone has. Sent from my Nokia Lumia.


Like I said, I'm not in marketing, but from what I've gathered from various discussions in the forms, It's not that there isn't a need. There just aren't the resources to fill it. Duolingo has a staff of 30 to pay, while also paying for web space that contains over 1,000 web pages and they are all paid thanks to commercial translations. However, 75% of Duolingo users use the apps. While most of the 25% of users on the website aren't translating commercial articles. So, they are already accomplishing amazing things as a business built on a free service. Unfortunately, that means it has limits as to its capacity to branch out. What it does have to offer to people who don't have a device that works with the apps is an amazing website. (Btw, I don't have the apps. I am purely a website user.)


Still no app :( we need Rudy huyn to get on this!


Absolutely. You don't have to spend a lot to support another platform. One contract developer like Rudy will be enough. Also, as others have mentioned the same app can be ported to the windows tablets which are gaining in popularity. Check windows phone marketshare in different markets around the world. You have an opportunity to take over all those markets before someone else does.


yeah c'mon guys, sick of waiting for this.


app on iOS version 4.0 but version 0 on windows phone :(


Did you all see this? A Windows Phone app is coming soon, as confirmed by Luis von Ahn himself! HOORAY!!! http://wmpoweruser.com/duolingo-to-release-a-windows-phone-app-soon/


More and more people are switching to windows phones and microsoft tablets. Please make an app for us, so we can learn away from the computer.


Please duolingo For Windows phone 8!!!


Ola Amigos! Precisamoscom urgencia do duolingo no windows fone 8.... Comprei um celular novo, pois o meu ja estava muito lento, mais tive o desprazer de descobrir que no windows fone não tem app do duolingo...... por favor, nos ajudem, preciso do duolingo com urgencia, pois sou estudate de Engenharia Mecatronica, e preciso do ingles


Windows Phone app please! :)


Would be great to see an app for Windows Phone.


Cade o Duolingo do Windows Fone??????


When will they have the app for windows phone????


Windows Phone app please!


A WP8 app would be absolutely magnificent...please


I'm waiting for a windows phone app, too!


I too would like a Windows Phone 8 app, but at the very least a usable mobile website. That is the reason that I stopped using duolingo months ago. I thought if I gave it time, but no luck so far.


Oh yeah, PLEASE make this possible!


Please, spend some resources on this!


Please , i need duolingo on windows phone 8 so i can learn french easily


Developing an app for Windows Phone 8 would be an awesome win, and a short port over to desktop Windows 8!


I'm about to buy myself nokia lumia 630... then I found out that duolingo's app is not available for it. However,can we use the site version? Please,answer,cause I'm going for a new phone today...


Hi, I just tested it. You can use the website perfectly of course, not fast and easy as an app, but you can use it.


thanks a lot! I just bought my nokia lumia,hope I've made a good choice :)))


Windows Phone app is needed! Please, please make one asap!


There're not going to do this, they're making us all idiots


I'm also a WP user and I got so disappointed when I knew there's no app for Windows Phone 8. It's really a pitty you don't put your efforts on it!


Urge esta aplicación en Windows Phone


Jesus, it was about time!


Guess what's coming to Duolingo... Windows Phone App!!

Staff announcement: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5333576

Article: http://wmpoweruser.com/duolingo-to-release-a-windows-phone-app-soon/


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