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  5. "Ele precisa de cuidados."

"Ele precisa de cuidados."

Translation:He needs care.

October 24, 2013



I think "cuidado" and "cuidados" are used.


Okay, I know that many of the sentences here on Duolingo are not exactly right, this is another one that should get some editing... Even in the hints it does not say "care" it says "Cares" I put cares, as I know sometimes it goes by the literal meaning. But it was flagged as wrong, because I used "cares" instead of "care" In the context they used it sounds more like they are meaning the noun care (Syn: worries, etc.) but it is speaking of hospital type care. This does need some changing though!


i find that the word cuidado is very difficult to translate as it seems to be used for --care for, take care of and care What is the word for a carer?

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He needs care? Cuidado should be used in the question.

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Ele precisa de cuidados is the Duo question. The Duo answer is He needs care. In CP the question would be Ele precisa de cuidado.


English doesn't use the plural, that's why cuidados translates into care.


I know I'm replying to a year-old comment. I just wanted to point out a curiosity: although we are unlikely to say "He needs cares", the negation "He doesn't need cares" makes sense (cares in this case means problems or worries).

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