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  5. "Ein Mann mit Geschmack!"

"Ein Mann mit Geschmack!"

Translation:A man with taste!

January 1, 2013



i'm not 100 per cent certain, but I think that the second option is valid as well.....


I don't remember, was that "a man of taste"?


yeah. i don't doubt that a man with taste is both the correct literal and idiomatic translation but a man of taste is also used - albeit incorrectly, perhaps (and therefore it could be considered healthy to be strict in such cases).....


Taste has the same meaning in German as English in this context, too?


Geschmack is a strange word to learn so early. We've been learning things like, cats, dogs, apples and oranges, and the we learn "taste" which is a completely different thing to these other, more mundane things


As a teacher I wanted words to be offered in a "logical" order, beginning with words from simple everyday situations climbing to more difficult words. BUT: I also offered texts, which were normal texts from magazines and papers. The vocabulary from those texts was not graded for difficulty. Pupils took them in their stride because the setting: reading a newspaper, was so normal. Please don't be irritated by the fact, that sometimes new words are from outside your current learning box.

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