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  5. "Scrivo sulla ricetta."

"Scrivo sulla ricetta."

Translation:I write on the recipe.

October 24, 2013



surely this is a crime in italy? to change an ancient recipe...


I am writing on the incorrectly corrected recipe to make it match the genuine one :)


i am still having a difficult time understanding when to use sullo, sul, sulla, any help would be awesome =)


oh man that was awesome! thank you very much =)


I know this post was six years ago but that was helpful to me now. Thank you.


I would like a clarification of sense, even though I translated "I write on the recipe" -- I think it is more of the sense "I write on top of the recipe card" or is it "I write about the recipe?" Or, can it mean both senses?


As in Spanish, Italian language looks for the faster way of expressing ideas. You'll see that upon the different exercises. In my opinion, "I write on the recipe" would mean "I write on top of the recipe card", but as you may have seen there are a lot of cases that many words are taken out; for example, the articles that could make a sentence redundant.


shouldn't that mean "over" the recipe, then?


It depends on the context. It might also be "over", in the sense that I am writing on a support (on a notebook, pc, etc) that lies on a recipe card. It's a bit difficult to talk about exact meaning with sentences this short. I think that "sul" as a synonym of "about" is only used after words that indicate a piece of written work such as "trattato", "saggio" (essay), "articolo" (article) or "libro" (book). The plain "scrivere sul" meaning "about" is rather archaic. Example: Un libro sugli animali = A book about animals Sto scrivendo un articolo sulle ricette di mia nonna = I'm writing an article about my granny's recipes But: Un libro di ricette = A recipe book


this sentence doesn't make sense...

you could write the recipe on a book, but how could you write on the recipe?

[deactivated user]

    you could write on a recipe for multiple reasons, like to make corrections or change measurements. A lot of these sentences aren't meant to be taken literally, just used to help you practice. For example, you wouldn't take a tiger from the zoo...


    Maybe you would take a tiger from the zoo, if the aforementioned recipe called for tiger.

    Or maybe you would decide that was a bad idea, and write on the recipe "Use three foxes" over top of the call for a tiger.


    yes, now it makes more sense hehehe


    It tells me ricetta ia prescription not recipe but when i come to look at more info it says recipe! Inconsistent!


    Duolingo and the Half Blood Prince


    This is a bad sentence, because it causes confusion. Is Duo talking about a written document or a subject one writes about? It doesn't teach something, it leaves the student uncertain and unsure, which is bad teaching.


    You can't write ON the recipe. You can write on the paper that has the recipe on it. You can change the recipe, or you can add to the recipe but you cannot write on a recipe.


    could this be transleted as over the recipe? la mosca ė sulla forchetta would be a easier example


    I wrote "Write on the rice" O.o


    I still have a difficulty to understand the difference between 'sul' and 'nel'


    sul = "on the" (masculine singular contraction of su + il)
    nel = "in the" (masculine singular contraction of in + il)


    That's correct but sometimes prepositions are used differently. For example, in Italian you don't put something on a plate, but you put something in a plate, i.e. nel piatto. Another example is you don't look in a mirror, you look at the mirror, allo speccio, and you don't talk on the phone, rather at the phone, al telefono. I saw one description that prepositions are little devils, and I'd agree but with practice you do start getting used to them, and your understanding of the language improves.


    That's part of the correct answer. You need to post your entire answer by copying and pasting in comments.


    Am i the only one getting this wrong because suddenly a recipe is a perscription? Can i please get a bit of context? Its never been a prescription before and there's nothing in the sentence indicating that a doctor was present.


    Couldn't you find something else to write on?


    Yes, but someone else was already using the sugar


    Said no English ever


    I got this one wrong because this sentence is wierd


    My translation was exactly the same as theirs and still wrong. Confused...

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