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Evildea, the Esperanto Youtuber, challenges Duolingo.

Hello everyone.

Have you heard of Evildea? His Youtube channel is a fantastic resource for beginners who want to listen to fluent spoken Esperanto. Most of his videos have subtitles and you can rely on them if you don't understand a part of them. The channel also has instructional videos about Esperanto.

Evildea started his Esperanto videos back in April, but he is already the most famous Youtuber which uses la Lingvo Internacia. Today, he has the glorious amount of 942 subscribers (time of the post). I can assure you that this number is huge, from an Esperantist point of view.

So here is the challenge: If Evildea reaches 1000 subscribers before the Esperanto course of Duolingo reaches 100 000 learners, (it has 96.4K at the time of the post). Evildea will make a video where he films himself eating a bag of peppers. We can expect from it a lot of interjections and expletives in Esperanto.

You can find the number of Evildea's subscribers here.

You can find the number of Esperanto learners on Duolingo here.

So I highly recommend you to subscribe to his channel. Firstly, you will help Esperanto take over Youtube, so more people will be aware of this easy and fascinating language. Secondly, it will provide more content in Esperanto.

Here are some words and sentences that might be helpful:

  • Kapsiko: Pepper
  • Doloro: Pain
  • Bruli (ntr): To burn
  • Plori (ntr): To cry
  • Kial mi faris tion: Why did I do that?
  • Mi faris gravan eraron: I made a serious mistake.

But if you want to preserve Evildea's well-being, maybe you should consider inviting your friends to Duolingo and start learning Esperanto with them!

August 17, 2015



Duolingo 97.1k, Evildea 1004!



Omg, we made it! I'm sure he did not expect to reach this number so quickly. (+72 wow) He better be ready for the peppers. (Buy strong ones, please.) I'm just a little sad that we will not see his face when he will see the subscribers count.


Evildea: 997 Duolingo: 97,000


Duolingo 97.3k - Evildea 1038


Fakte li jam mangxis gxin... La video estas en sia kanalo xD


I totally like your word-list!


Peppers' vocabulary is quite puzzling when learning languages. One has to distinguish between sweet pepper (or bell pepper) which is big and red, green or yellow (or even orange or white), the small hot pepper (or chili) and the black/grey/and such pepper which stands next to the salt.

I do think that "kapsiko" is sweet, and "kapsiketo" is hot. "Pipro" is the salt's companion. Could anyone confirm or correct my thought?


Ŝajnas al mi ke Evildea devus prepari sin por la festeno. Lol.


Evildea won, 1040 xD

Go eat the bag of peppers... xD

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