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"Adamo said, very sadly, that he cannot eat meat."

Translation:Adamo tre malĝoje diris, ke li ne povas manĝi viandon.

August 17, 2015



Could 'malfeliĉe' be used here instead of 'malĝoje'? What is the difference between these two?


malfelicxe means "unhappy" which is slightly different than "sad"


Interesting distinction. Didn't realize 'malgxoje' translated directly as sad. Thanks!


no problem!

Also, I believe there is also a difference between gxoje and felicxe. felicxe means more "lucky" than "happy"


Why is there a need for the word "viando"? Couldn't E-o make do with "bestajxo" (food made of beasts)? Or does "viando" include fish & fowl?


I'm also wondering why "si" wasn't accepted. There is no indication that Adamo is talking about anybody except himself. If "si" isn't acceptable, my understanding is that can only mean Adamo spoke very sadly about a second man's inability to eat meat. What am I missing?

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