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"El cuadro"

Translation:The painting

January 1, 2013



Cúal es el diferente entre el cuadro y la pintura?


El Cuadro is a much more general word. It can also mean the frame, the square, the picture.


So is pintura like the literal picture but el cuadro is the picture along with the frame, etc.?


So I just asked my Mexican colleague here at work, just to double check, and pretty much it's as so:

So yeah, La pintura is more specific, but still has multiple meanings - it's even more literal than you would think. It can mean the painting that someone did of a landscape or whatever, but it can also mean the actual paint that someone used on a wall, or that is in a tin, whether it's dry or wet.

El cuadro is the picture with the frame, or just the frame, or lots of other things that don't necessarily have anything to do with what you hang on your wall and admire.


According to the RAE, "el cuadro" is " 1. "a flat figure surrounded by four straight lines 2. a rectangle. 3. The frame of such a picture (of a cuadro) 4. and more...

A "pintura" is 1. a painted work 2. an art painting 3. lively, animated verbal description of people or things. 4. Etc., and more

"Marco" is (also" "a picture frame." Also, that which surrounds, supports a structure (such as a sculpture, or paining) or door, or window, etc. (framework?)



painting NOUN 1. (picture) a. la cuadro m, pintura (f)

  1. (activity) a. la pintura (f) painting and decorating - pintura y decoración

NOUN 1 (Art) (picture) cuadro (m); pintura (f); (activity, genre) pintura (f) to study painting estudiar pintura; French Impressionist painting la pintura impresionista francesa See also - oil


The last time I translated this exact thing from English to Spanish you said it was wrong. More consistency please. I don't know which is correct now.


From Spanish in grade school and high school, I always heard that "cuadro" means "block", as in a city block. I imagine it's related to Latin "quartus", fourth.


In the first part you are correct-- quadro also means "city block." However, it comes from the Latin "quadrus." http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/cuadro http://dle.rae.es/?id=BQQYOon


smathes724: Who is "you."? What did you actually write? We can't help you without that latter information.


Or the picture?


Confundo todavia......


Cuadra = block (as in city block)


to add to the confusion, I learned this word as the "portrait"


In Tagalog, 'cuadro' means the frame of the picture or picture frame.


VERY confusing to have so many different meanings, and while trying to learn the new words.... is difficult.


so a hispanic colleague of mine dyed his hair, and the other hispanics called him "pintando" because of that. So I guess "pintura" is "painting" as a noun. Whereas "pintando" is the verb act of "painting". In summary a pintura is the result of pintando?


Pintura is a noun that means "painting" (the act of applying paint), "painting" (a work of art), or "paint" (the stuff you apply to a surface to colour it).

Pintando is just the gerundio form of pintar - to paint.


"the painting" not accepted and reported

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