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  5. "Gutten kommer rett tilbake."

"Gutten kommer rett tilbake."

Translation:The boy is coming straight back.

August 18, 2015



Can "rett" be used to describe promptness ("right back") as well as direction (as opposed to left)?


The direction (right) is 'høyre' in Norwegian.

If you want to say 'be right back' you would say 'straks tilbake'.


So in this way straight back is directional?

[deactivated user]

    So... Rett --> https://www.dict.com/norwegian-english/rett<-- = 1) correct, entitled to 2) dish, course (food) 3) straight. Høyre --> https://www.dict.com/engelsk-norsk/h%C3%B8yre <-- = 1) right(direction), right-hand 2) political right


    4 years and no clear explanation.

    I tried "The boy will come straight back" (meaning he is gone and will immediately, directly, right away come back), which was not accepted. Together with Ravnin's explanation this seems to mean that the only meaning of 'rett' is 'in a straight line, not bent', and that the sentence can only be interpreted as "At this very moment, the boy is coming back in a straight line", which seems to be a rather strange sentence. I flagged it in the hope of an explanation.


    I'm not an expert, but your answer is probably wrong because of the "will", which is not the same tense. The future is covered in a lesson later on. "The boy will come straight back" would be "Gutten vil komme rett tilbake".

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