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"Wij hebben kamers voor kinderen."

Translation:We have rooms for children.

August 18, 2015



"Kamer" is apparently a cognate to the English imported word "chamber," from Latin.


Further apparently it is derived to "Kamar" in Indonesian


The word "kamar" is from Dutch "kamer".


Of course it is


Why is the plural for 'markt' -> 'markten' and the plural for 'kamer' -> 'kamers' instead of 'en' ending? Is there any rule behind this?


I'm sure you can look it up around here too, on the plural(s) lesson

the sound of the word itself, and how it would sound as a plural is responsible for it

Nouns consisting of multiple syllables, which end with -er, -el, -em, -en, -erd; often those with -aar und -aard too.. which don't have that last syllable STRESSED, get an -s as a plural

most Dutch words have -en however

also regard how consonants can change or double.. just like vowels can decrease

it's basically a phonetic thing


Ik zie, wij gaan naar belgie...


What's the problem with "we have chambers for children" (unless maybe that it sounds oldfashioned?)


Because it would be archaic English... No one calls a bedroom a chamber in English these days, and similarly chamber maid is no longer a job. If you mentioned chamber and children in the same sentence, someone might call child protective services thinking that you mean a dungeon.

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