"Vi har fem år."

Translation:We have five years.

August 18, 2015



Would 'we are five' (meaning five years old) not work here? It was rejected.

August 18, 2015


We are five - Vi er fem. As in there are five of you (ordering a table at a restaurant, how many will there be seated: We are five). Or there are two boys that both are five years (How old are you? We are five).

How much time before the dam project must be finished? We have five years.

August 18, 2015


Thanks. I thought it might have been the equivalent of some other languages where age is something that you have, rather than are: "I have five years" from Italian (for example) would be understood and accepted in English as "I am five".

August 18, 2015


I'm a spanish speaker, and that was my first thought.

June 28, 2016


Who thought of David Bowie? (My mom introduced me to this song, now Iove it!)

October 3, 2018


Så mange mødre sukker.

July 8, 2019


Can we have a native explain if this can also mean age???

June 10, 2018

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It cannot refer to age, Norwegian uses the verb "er" to express that.

October 5, 2018


It doesn't mean 'age' in English either. In English it's always "she is five", or to be extra clear, "she is five years old".

June 15, 2019
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