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90 Days of Norwegian

About three months ago I started the Norwegian for English speakers course here on Duolingo and I am both excited and relieved to say that I have now finally reached the very end of the tree. It's the first tree I've finished all the way through (I tested out of pretty much all of Spanish so I don't really count that one) and I couldn't be more proud of myself for sticking through it. I'm also so thankful to everyone in the Duo community who has been helpful and supportive throughout this journey. I know it's really not a huge deal and I'm nowhere near fluent right now, but I'm really surprised with myself for having done this. Too many times in the past I have given up on something that I wanted to do. It was very hard at times to push myself to get on every day to just meet my daily goal (the longest I've ever had thus far), and there were some quiet periods where I wasn't really doing much at all, but I did not allow myself to give up. I'm so glad that I did not give up. It's so satisfying to see all my work has actually paid off.

My next plans are to continue reviewing my skills here so that I can maintain a gold tree while exposing myself to more music and media in Norwegian. I've been lucky to have a friend from Norway send me some books but I tried to hold off starting them until I finished the tree. Now that I'm done with it, I'm going to start Harry Potter & De Vises Stein immediately.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been friendly and helpful to me these past few months! And an even greater thank you to the NoBo team for creating such a great, entertaining course! You guys did a great job.

Lykke til to everyone who is still making their way through! ≧◡≦

August 18, 2015



That's amazing, great job. I'm hoping to do the same. My best friend is Norwegian and I want to be able to speak to him in Norsk :)



Takk, og lykke til ^^


Oh, may I ask how much xp you averaged daily to finish it in 3 months?


Honestly, I don't know how I can give you an accurate answer. There were times where I racked up a lot of xp (100-200) and other times where I only got 10-20 for the sake of keeping up my day streak. There was a big period in between that lasted two or three weeks where I did no new skills at all so for a while I wasn't really getting much xp at all. Unfortunately I'm not a very consistent person so there really was no average for me. My work fluctuated a lot. (Sorry I couldn't give you a more precise answer :3)


Thanks, I appreciate the info regardless! Congrats again :)


Thanks again :)



May I ask which skill on the tree you found the most difficult? I just got done with the determiners skill and I feel like that didn't feel at all natural and took a lot of revision to understand it. This is, by no means a criticism of the team, more of my own brain, just curious as to which area gave you the most headaches.


Thanks! I actually had a fairly difficult time getting through location and prepositions. Also took me forever to figure out how to use adjectives because at that time I was still having a hard time getting my head around the three (I use two) noun genders. I really had to keep reviewing that until I could move on. I honestly think getting used to that was the hardest thing for me throughout the entire tree. Later it just came the struggle of trying to retain all the new vocabulary I was taking in. But for the most part, I think most of the skills weren't too challenging for me. It was mostly at the beginning with the genders that really confused me.


For me (and some others) there came a time right after the 2nd checkpoint where it became hard to keep it all straight. Sounds like that's about where you hit it, too. I understood all the rules, but I couldn't remember to apply them all together. After a couple/few weeks heavy on review, my brain finally sorted it out. I'm about halfway between checkpoints 3 and 4 now.



I just reached the 2nd checkpoint and I also feel that I need to give my brain some time to properly structure the information and get used to it before really moving on, so for now I'm doing mostly practice until I see that I get like 95% of the answers right without too much thinking.


Yeah, exactly. I knew what the rules were, but it took me a little while to figure out how to fit everything together. Had to spend a good amount of time working on that until I was confident enough to continue. Thanks a bunch! :)


Thanks! I see you are also doing Spanish and Portuguese, how are you finding those genders?


Well, Spanish was my first language (alongside English) so overall the language makes sense to me. That said, I haven't really actively used the language since I was a kid so I'm a bit rusty with my Spanish skills (the whole reason why I want to go through the tree). It can be really hard for me to remember which noun is masculine and which isn't, and it's something I really need to work on. Same with Portuguese. I have a lot more trouble with those than with Norwegian - but then again I've spent a lot of time studying Norwegian and very little (if any) time trying to review the Spanish genders. That's the next thing on my language to-do list!


Lykke til med din spansk og portugisisk!


Tusen hjertelig takk :D


Congrats! I admire and little bit envy!

Carry on and good luck for the future, hope i can get done whole tree someday. Just as you did! :)

EDIT: how much exp did you earn every day? Just aprox. amount if you could be so nice and tell me <3


Takk! You'll get there too. Don't give up! I believe in you ^^

(Also, about the XP thing, I've already answered that. Unfortunately my answer is extremely vague because I don't have a real answer for it. My XP varied a LOT over time. Some weeks I was averaging a couple hundred while others just the bare minimum to keep my day streak. At one point I got so tired of studying that I lowered my daily goal to only 10xp so I could get away with only doing one review lesson daily for the sake of maintaining my streak. On really good days where I was extremely focused and driven, I got around 100-200 a day, and other days I got maybe 10-20. So it really just varied a lot. I don't think I really have an average lol)


sorry i havent't seen that you answered already :<


Congratulations on finishing the tree, I'm a bit like you in someways somedays I only scrape by on my 50xp, and barely strengthen a tree, others I'll go on a spree.

I tend to do a week of strengthening in places then when I feel "I know all of this" I move on, my grammar is poor though, I am doing weekly lessons through italki watching 2 hours of Norwegian TV per night and also working out more now, its a year of building the new me, it feels good being productive though!

Gratulerer :) on completing the tree, onwards and upwards!


Tusen takk! Og lykke til :)


Gratulerer! Congratulations for finishing your Norwegian tree. Your story will be very inspiring for people still working on their trees:) Well done!


Tusen takk :)!


Gratulerer så mye! Du har all grunn til å være stolt! :)


Tusen hjertelig takk! :D


Congratulations! I'm only just starting out the Norwegian tree after finishing my French tree recently, and I was amazed at how long the Norwegian tree is compared to other trees I've seen.


Thank you!! And good luck with your tree :)


Gratulerer : )


Takk skal du ha! :D


Fantastisk! Gratulerer!


Congratulation , can i ask you at what level you think now you are after completing the tree ? Is it level b1 or higher or lower ? Regards


Thanks! I'd say that I'm hovering somewhere between A2 and B1 right now. Duolingo was a great foundation for the basics of the language, but I've been trying to supplement my learning with other resources as well (websites, watching videos, listening to music, and practicing writing with Norwegian friends on the app HelloTalk - the latter which has helped me improve the most by far) so I don't quite know where I'd be if I had been doing Duolingo exclusively.


Good job Lewhan ^^ Congratulation

P.S. This post inspires me to work harder (even that for this moment I am working with another language). Thanks for that :)


Thank you! Good luck with your language endeavors! :)


Gratulerer! I hope you enjoy the book. I am currently reading Harry Potter og Halvblodprinsen. Harry Potter in Norwegian is wonderful :)


Takk! I'm really excited for it. :D


Gratulerer! I've been learning Norwegian for 95 days now and still have 12 badges to go. I try to keep the tree gold before moving on to a new badge and that takes a lot of time. At my current rate of progress (approx. 60XP a day) I imagine I still have another 3 months to go till I complete the tree!

I'm going to take the CEFR Common European Framework placement test by the Folkeuniversitetet when I'm finished. Will be interesting to see how far you can get with duolingo alone.



Takk! I too tried to keep things gold before moving forward in the tree. It's extremely time consuming, although beneficial, I think, in ensuring you retain the information. I've heard about that placement test and I'm very curious to try it myself soon. Lykke til with your Norwegian adventure~! :)


Do you think you could hold a conversation with someone in Norsk? Would you say you're intermediate, or maybe even advanced?


I know this post if old- but i would say gratulerer. I'm fully norwegian and all but i've forgotten most of it because i'm better at english somehow. But i would like to ask, can you do whole sentances? And how/do you have problems with genders? It's weird to me since i'm norwegian, so i just think ''gutt, jente, mann, dame'' ;w; honestly i use more english than norwegian in a day somehow :P

Ok, unnskyld og forstyrre deg- kansje

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