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  5. "Моя мама - пенсіонерка."

"Моя мама - пенсіонерка."

Translation:My mom is retired.

August 18, 2015


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@GeneM. The sentence as it stands right now is not incorrect (My mom is retired). I'm an American and I hear (and say) this frequently. My mom is retired.

November 5, 2016


Retiree is the commonly used word, at least for American English. Reported.


It says translate in English but has incorrect spellings using American


Does this mean literally someone who receives a pension (but who may be still relatively young), or someone who has reached retirement age (but may not literally receive a pension) or either/both? In other words, what would a Ukrainian person mean or understand from this word? (Please).


it's someone who has reached the retirement age and receives some kind of pension.

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