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  5. "Hun er mammaen min."

"Hun er mammaen min."

Translation:She is my mom.

August 18, 2015



Why is "mum" masculine?


I have no idea. Keep in mind that genders describe words, not always the things the words describe.


Mum and dad both ends on -a (mamma og pappa) so from the native speakers point of view they have to be masculine, if not you could not differentiate between the definite and indefinite form in singular. In Norwegian we add stuff to the end of the word, rather than saying a car - the car we say en bil - bilen. And we never ever end a word with two aa's.


in Norwegian you can use masculine artickels for female nouns: ei kvinne en kvinne

some just sound better with male artickel in definite form.


Why is it mammaen and not just mamma? Is it because of the possesive case?


Oir family has always spelled it mamma.


Just out of curiosity, what would the plural forms of mamma be? Mammaer and Mammaene?


from what I know, it depends on if you want to say moms or the moms, mammaene would be the moms while mamaer is moms


It said "Hun er mammaen din"........you're mom


I answered "Hun er mamma min" and duo told me I was answering in English. That happened like 5 times.


Making many spelling mistakes because I'm tired, but app isn't noticing.


True, DL will ignore minor spelling errors, which I think is a mistake. I once went through an entire unit spelling "fotball" as "futball", and DL never complained once. I only noticed that I was spelling it wrong when I went to a discussion and saw it spelled as "fotball". It's probably an overall DL thing that can't be adjusted at the course (language) level. But it would be nice to at least get a warning that you are misspelling things.


Directly, she is the mother mine?

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