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"In business there is no "maybe"."

Translation:У бізнесі немає "можливо".

August 18, 2015



I write exactly the same phrase but it shows only misstake and the phrase is the same! Is it a bug? I tried it 7 times!


Can you please post your exact input here? I have no way of judging whether "the phrase is the same" because I don't see what your input was.


Mine is the same too except for the "quote" commas, which i struggle to find on the ukrainian keyboard. Could the system be sensitive to this difference?


In ukrainian keyboard layout the quotation symbol " is Shift+2 (where @ is in standard english layout). There's also an apostrophe ', it's on ~ key (to the left from 1); Shift+~ gives you ₴ which is currency symbol for Ukrainian hryvnia.


Thanks a lot. I managed to find it. And would you believe it, my answer is accepted now :)
So without the quote symbol, the answer seems to be unacceptable by the system currently.


Seems quotation marks are important here. It won't accept without quotation mark.


Could someone please tell me what case this is? I'm not really sure why бізнес turns into бізнесі.


Locative (Prepositional)


Місцевий - вживається з прийменниками на/по/у кому/чому


Unlike English in Ukrainian, there are "роди", this is when the ending of the word changes... But native speakers will understand you without that


So you absolutely must have the quotes for this one, but all other punctuation is optional? Makes no sense.


A much better translation would be 'В бізнесі немає слова можливо'. It just sounds really weird otherwise.


It's accepted and was at the moment you wrote this comment. If it wasn't for you, maybe there was some other typo or mistake. It's usually announced in a red pop-up message. In general, please always post your exact input so that I can tell you why it wasn't accepted, I have no way of figuring it out now.


If this is a screenshot, sorry, I cannot see it because I would need permission from you. Could you upload it to imgur.com?


Maybe = мабуть. Чому приймається тільки "можливо"?


"мабуть" is accepted.

I don't know how you decided that your answer wasn't accepted precisely because of "мабуть" and not any other possible mistake you made.

If your answer wasn't accepted, it happened for some other reason. I cannot tell you for what reason because you didn't provide your answer here. Please always provide your full answer in the comment if you have a question about why it wasn't accepted.


I typed У бізнесі немає можливо and it was marked wrong are the inverted commas critical in the translation?


Yeah. It counts it as incorrect if you don't add the quotes


?? У бізнесі не має мабуть??


Прийміть. "В бізнесі немає можливо."

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