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"Hun betaler den tiende hver måned."

Translation:She pays on the tenth each month.

3 years ago


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Out of curiosity, does this means she pays on the tenth day of the month, or that she pays a tenth of [whatever she owes] every month? Or is it ambiguous?

And if it's the second option (a tenth of some amount), would "tithe" be an acceptable translation?

3 years ago


It means that she pays on the tenth day of the month and it is not ambiguous.

3 years ago


There used to be a tax called 'tiende' under Sigurd Jorsalfare's (Sigurd the Crusader) rule back in 1103-1130, and you paid 1/10th of your income to the church.

3 years ago


called a "tithe" in English

3 years ago


is a preposition (on) implicit or is it simply always absent in Norwegian? thanks.

3 months ago