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Latin for Duolingo: Food, Lesson 3

Salvete omnes! If you have been following along in these weekly, Duo-style (but unofficial) Latin lessons, you’ll be ready for some more food vocabulary this week. If you need to catch up and review, here are the links you may find helpful:
- Directory of Lessons
- Vocabulary List
- Memrise course
- Previous lesson: Food 2

New Grammar

Although all our food nouns so far have been in the first 3 declensions, I have one this week that is in the 4th. It looks like a 2nd declension noun, but it’s not. We’ll wait a little before formally studying the 4th declension though.

New Vocabulary

(3 1st declension nouns, all feminine)
carota, ae = carrot
cervisia, ae = beer
farina, ae = flour, meal

(2 2nd declension nouns, both neuter)
acetaria, orum (pl.) = salad, greens dressed with vinegar
oleum, i = oil

(3 3rd declension nouns, gender noted)
holus, holeris (n.) = vegetable
potio, potionis (f.) = a drink, beverage
sal, salis (m.) = salt

(1 4th declension noun)
fructus, us (m.) = fruit, produce

(3 adjectives)
acidus, a, um = sour
salsus, a, um = salty, salted
vegetarianus, a, um = vegetarian

(1 1st conjugation verb)
manduco (1) = eat, devour, chew

New Sentences

Fructum edimus. = We eat fruit.
Acetaria manducas. = You eat the salad.
Jus est salsum. = The soup is salty.
Vinum est acidum, non bonum. = The wine is sour, not good.
Potionem cum amicis meis sumo. = I take a drink with my friends.
Marcus cervisiam bibit. = Marcus drinks beer.
Fructus est dulcis. = The fruit is sweet.
Puer carotam manducat. = The boy eats a carrot.
Lucia et Gaius carnem non edunt. = Lucia and Gaius do not eat meat.
Lucia est vegetariana. = Lucia is a vegetarian.
Holera cum sale coquo. = I cook the vegetables with salt.
Est farina in pane. = There is flour in the bread.
Piscem in oleo coquimus. = We cook the fish in oil.
Holus in aquā coquit. = She cooks the vegetable in water.
Salem gustamus. = We taste the salt.
In ientaculo fructum et panem cum oleo sumo. = At breakfast I eat fruit and bread with oil.

I hope you are enjoying the Latin lessons. I am gradually getting the Memrise course updated with more recent vocabulary. I welcome any feedback on it or on these lessons. We will have maybe one more lesson with food vocabulary next week.

Pax vobiscum!

August 18, 2015



Est-ce que le memrise cours ont audio?


Non, pas d'audio. Multimedia is beyond my tech abilities at this point.


Je ne me souviens pas comment le dire. But that's unfortunate.


Haha, nice for the efforts put in here, but I think lets just wait for a "real" offer from Duolingo to start a Latin course. You are already the third one to post lessons.


No, please do not listen to this nay-sayer. Please do not remove these lessons that some of us are enjoying and using!


I did not ask to delete these lessons.


I also created lessons for Latin. I think it is better to keep the working energy for the real start of the Latin course.

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