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"Ni vojaĝas per trajno en la unua klaso."

Translation:We travel by train in the first class.

August 18, 2015


[deactivated user]

    It looks like this sentence was automatically selected for this topic and would suit better in the "Travel" section, because incidentally the world "class" can also mean "quality", etc. and it was misinterpreted as a class (or grade) at school. Just saying :)


    I think the English is not quite right:

    "in first class" or simply "first class" is an adverbial phrase of manner (How are you traveling? We are going in first class. We are going first class.)

    "in the first class" is an adverbial phrase of location (and really wants a completion such as "in the first-class car" or "in the first-class section")


    The few times that I have used first class tickets on UK trains. I said that I was traveling in first class, because you are traveling in a "first class" carriage.


    I was thinking more like how when you're in elementary school and you are taken through the halls in a long line, or train. Since klaso can also be grade.


    You made my day! :-)

    [deactivated user]

      "Klaso" only means "grade" to Americans


      First class degree from university? That's the usual way to put it in the UK. Though nowadays the "class" is dropped more often than not.

      I have just realised that I probably misunderstood your sentence. Did you mean that "grade" only meant a level of schooling (class/form) to Americans? This probably stresses the point you were making in the first place.


      When I was in school, first class was not the best. Kindergarten was better. My specialty was sandbox. There was a good view of the slide from the sandbox.


      Morfological ambiguity.


      Interesting how they say "la unua klaso" for "first class", losing "the". Usually Esperanto seems to add articles, not remove them...

      [deactivated user]

        I don't understand your message - probably my fault! But you say "la unua klaso" and link this with "Losing "the". But "La" means "the", so it is not losing the article. I expect I have misunderstood what you meant, though.


        Wouldn't 'veturas' be more appropriate here? Is vojaĝas still effective, but veturas would just be more specific/accurate/ just different?

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