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"Jenta jeg elsker har grønne øyne."

Translation:The girl I love has green eyes.

August 18, 2015



The most beautiful eye color ever


What happened to V-2 then?


V-2 does not mean that the second word in the sentence is the verb, but rather the second "element".

"Jenta jeg elsker" is the subject; "har" is the verb; "grønne øyne" is the object. So, the verb "har" is the second element.


That's right, thanks. Somehow I completely overlooked the fact that the main verb is "har". I guess I've been working too hard with Duo.


Could you add "at" to this sentence, or would it not work in Norwegian? "Jenta at jeg elsker har grønne øyne."


I think that would be Jenta som jeg elsker... . At is the word 'that' that introduces a subordinate clause, not the one that means 'which', which introduces a relative clause, as is the case here.


Ah, that does sound better. Tusen takk!


Is the plural form 'øyne' more common than 'øyer'?

For me it is just rare to see plurals not ending with r at least at this stage of learning the language.

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