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Macedonian language (македонски јазик) 1

In this lesson we are learning "phrases" )

welcome = добредојде

how are you? = како си?

i am good / i am bad = добро сум / лошо сум

thanks (very much) = благодарам (многу)

i am glad / nice to meet you = мило ми е / мило ми е што те запознав

you are welcome = нема на што

sorry = извини

i am sorry = жал ми е

please = те молам

where are you? = каде си?

i am in the city = јас сум во градот

where are you from = од каде си?

i am from Macedonia = јас сум од Македонија

good morning = добро утро

good aftermoon = добар ден

good evening = добра вечер

good night = добра ноќ

see you soon = се видиме наскоро

goodbye = довидување

adieu = збогум

bye = чао

I hope you like it and I write more and some words that are interesting for you if you want! Step by step )

Се видиме повторно! Поздрав од Македонија! )

August 18, 2015



One step closer to learning Macedonian! :D Maybe this will spark people's (and hopefully the Duolingo staff's) interests in Macedonian and maybe it will be released on Duolingo! I can't wait for more Macedonian!


I am very glad! I hope soon )


Can you teach us how to pronounce the letters?


Of course, I can teach you in next lesson )


yh, gotta admit when i was learning how to speak it at like 7 cause my parents are maco, it was a bit hard to learn all 31 letters of the alphabet, but once u remember them all, it gets pretty easy


Thanks for the great beginning of what is hopefully the start of series of such lessons on Macedonian.


You are welcome! ) Next lesson is "alphabet" and enjoy!


I'm glad you decided to do this! Hopefully someday all this information can be converted into a full-fledged course. Keep them coming ;)

Just a few notes as most people aren't familiar with Cyrillic alphabets it could be a good idea to do a letters and sounds lesson. And for those of us who know one or a few Cyrillic alphabets there some unique features worth noting. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seem like Macedonian Cyrillic is based or is influenced by Serbian for the most part.

Ј, ј corresponds to Й, й in other Cyrillic alphabets.

ќ - to me it sounds somewhat like a cross between К and Ч Please corrects me if I'm wrong.

Also, why is Macedonian and Serbian for that matter uses Ј to represent Й? Was it always like that? Thanks for all your contributions.


I hope that they contribute to my native language on Duolingo soon, I want to teach and to help you and I am aware there are many interested in it, therefore I am glad )

Do not worry, in the next lesson I will teach you Macedonian alphabet. It is not difficult, phonetic is almost the same as Serbian and easy 100%. It is true, Macedonian was quite influenced at the time of ex Yugoslavia by Serbocroatian language (in the 20th century they learned Serbocroatian in Macedonian schools) and Macedonian reformer had some connections with Serbian reformer.

J j is pronounced as Й й in Ukrainian and Russian or the same as J j in Serbian, this letter is donwloaded from the Serbian alphabet, and Ќ ќ is pronounced as soft к (mostly, but depends on the dialect) or as between кя (house = куќа [кукя]) and кь (night = ноќ [нокь]) in Ukrainian and Russian but in my dialect (Kumanovo, Skopje) is pronounced as closer to Serbian ћ / ć. So in standard Macedonian or mostly is pronounced English cu as in cute.

No, it was not always like that, in the old alphabet was used I i, such a letter is now being used in the Serbian Latin alphabet. Serbian reformer Vuk Karadzic added this letter from the Latin alphabet.

You are welcome and enjoy! I am writting new lesson )


J is really a derivation of I. It was never meant to have the sound of a consonant, only the French made it so :)


What I was trying to say is that original alphabet created by Cyril and Methodius didn't have J, it had Й. So how it bacame to be that Serbian and Macedonian have this Latin letter J?


Well, it's simple really, there is no existing alphabet out there that is good enough for anyone, so every country inevitably comes up with its own eccentric variant. No two countries that use the Latin alphabet can agree on how it should be used, and unsurprisingly the same goes for the Cyrillic alphabet. I suppose it is part of the innate human impulse to be different and better than your neighbours...

The fact that Serbia and Macedonia are smack bang in the middle of a transitional zone between Latin and Greek/Cyrillic writing systems means their particular variants of the Alphabet can be influenced from both sides. Who exactly is to say that Latin and Cyrillic alphabets should never mix? All three scripts are essentially from the same family tree anyway.


I do realize that both Latin and Cyrilic alphabets are derived from Greek but we're talking about only one letter in all of Slavic alphabets that's crossed over to Cyrilic script from Latin script (as far as I know). That's what makes it so curious for me :)


I don't know, I wish there was more mixing to be honest. The cyrillic alphabet has a stronger inventory of letters, while the latin alphabet struggles to meet the needs of most of the languages that use it. But there is an ancient schism between them. And using similar or identical looking letters to mean different things is just really aggravating to me from a logical point of view... The ancient world has a lot to answer for :)


I think that it's great that you want to teach the people around the world Macedonian, but you have some grammar mistakes :p (Јас мислам дека е супер тоа што сакаш да ги научиш луѓето околу светот Македонски, но имаш граматички грешки). For example when you are talking about yourself in English you do not say i, but you say I. Also "see you again" isn't translated as "Се видиме повторно", but "Ќе се видиме повторно" (На пример кога зборуваш за себеси во Англискиот јазик не викаш i, туку викаш I. Исто така "Ќе се видиме повторно" не е преведено "Се видиме повторно", туку "Ќе се видиме повторно". But don't stop, keep teaching the people around the world the Macedonian language! :) . Just be careful not to make any spelling mistakes :P :) (Но не престанувај, продолжи да ги учиш луѓето околу светот Македонски :) . Само пази да не правиш грешки во спелувањето :P :)


Благодарам! I'm hoping to learn Macedonian sometime in the future :D looking forward to the next lesson :))


Нема на што! I also hope you will really be interested in the future! Enjoy next lessons ))

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Thank you for the lessons! Keep it up and hold on to them for when a course opens up to be written up!I applied for Macedonian language a while ago but I have not received a response since. Hopefully your classes will lead to some interest in starting building a Macedonian course. :)


You are welcome! Yes, you are right but I also did not received a answer and I hope they accept Macedonian and cotribute soon )


How many more lesson will there be?


You are doing such a great job, Браво!

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