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"Emel Hanım kızımın öğretmeni."

Translation:Ms. Emel is the teacher of my daughter.

August 18, 2015


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Up until now I thought Emel was a man's name... :-) (cfr. French Emile, with Emily being the female form.)


It almost blew my mind when I learned it was a man's name in French :D


I think the name Emel is originated from the Arabic ward أمل which means "hope", it is a feminine name.


What is wrong with: Emel is my daughter's teacher


I am guessing that we need to translate Hanım as well....Duo is quite strict, even when the result is a bit un-English ("Mrs. Emel").


Why is "Ms. Emel is my girl's teacher" wrong? Please explain


I have always found kız + possessive ending (kızım, kızın and so on) translated as "my/your daughter" and so on. "My girl" in the sense of "My girlfriend" should be "kız arkadaşım".


If I wanted to break down the words in their appropriate cases, is it correct to say that, in this sentence, "kızımın" refers to the genitive case and öğretmeni" refers to the accusative case?


You're correct about "kızımın": it's in the genitive case. "Öğretmeni" isn't in the accusative case, though: the "i" ending is a possessive suffix, because she's the daughter's teacher. (The ending looks like an accusative ending, but it's there for a different reason.)

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