"Hun spiser jordbæret."

Translation:She's eating the strawberry.

August 19, 2015

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Soo its saying im wrong because of the foreign alphabet isnt in there but i cant type it accordingly?


If you're using Android, try pressing and holding on the vowels. That's how I get to æ,ø,å on my Google keyboard. On Windows you can open character map to copy and paste, or use alt-codes. Mac has yet another way that uses option-keystrokes.


In the food lesson, using the singular strawberry was marked as incorrect because strawberries are countable, and the explanation was that because of this no one would really refer to a single strawberry but rather strawberries. The question at that time was "Spiser de jordbaer?", which I was asked to translate. When I responded, "Do they eat strawberry?" it was marked wrong and should have been plural. Why is not now singular? This seems a bit inconsistent, as the same logic behind the previous question should apply here, right? How would one say "She is eating the strawberries." ?


"Jordbær" means "strawberry" or "strawberries," according to context.

"Jordbærene" or "jordbæra" means "the strawberries."


Ok that makes sense. I guess since I had not yet gotten to definite plurals I was going by the previous lessons which is why I was confused. Thanks so much for clearing this up! :)


My previous sentence to translate was "she is eating the sandwich," and it was "Spiser hun smørbrødet." Why is this sentence started with "hun" and not "spiser"? Does it really not matter?


"Hun spiser" = "she is eating" "Spiser hun" = Is she eating?"


I am getting the same problem as Bri. My keyboard allows some foreign letters, but not ae... It should just let you type ae instead (or at least come up with "you have a typo" but still mark you correct...


Install Norwegian language pack for that keyboard.

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