"The weather obeys the laws of nature."

Translation:La vetero obeas la leĝojn de la naturo.

August 19, 2015



La naturo? kie estas the" en tiu ĉi frazo? Mi neniam aŭdis oni uzi la frazeto "The laws of THE nature." Ĝi ĉiam estas " the laws of nature*."

Mi kontestos tiun ĉi.

August 19, 2015


In English you would indeed say things like:

  • The laws of nature

  • Greatest of all is love


but in most other European languages (romance and germanic, can't attest for slavic) you would say it like this:

  • La leĝoj de la naturo

  • Plej granda estas la amo

take Norwegian as an germanic example:

  • Naturens lover

  • Størst av alt er kjærligheten

English is often the odd one out for some reason :)

August 19, 2015


That's right. English is the odd one out, here. Without the article, naturo would make the impression of being one out of many natures, "a nature". Either that or it sounds like someone treats naturo as a proper noun. English usage and non-usage of articles has always seemed odd to me...

September 6, 2015


Se ekzistus pli ol unu naturo, oni povus rezigni pri la uzo de la definita artikolo "la".

November 27, 2017


No matter how much it may seem like it doesn't

May 30, 2016
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