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"Peixe é a minha especialidade."

Translation:Fish is my specialty.

October 24, 2013



Does anyone have an idea why my answer 'Fish are my speciality' is not accepted? You would say 'Fish is my speciality' if you were talking about cooking, but 'Fish are my speciality' if you were talking about marine biology for instance. Should both be correct?


for "fish are" I think they would want "peixes são"


Of course. Thank you. I see it now.


I was also marked wrong for using speciality rather than specialty. According to grammarist.com (and my own knowledge of English as my first language) both should be correct. Speciality is more commonly used in Britain. This needs to be fixed!!!


Definitely agree!


Why does it have to be "é a minha" here? I still don't understand when to use the articles with the possessives. Thanks!


Good question: Why not "Peixe é minha especialidade" ?


It is also right! =)


Would anyone say that in portuguese? In which context?

I mean, if I hear the sentence in English, I am thinking about a cook talking about his special dishes.

Do you use the singular in Portuguese in such a case, or would the plural (peixes) be used?


That's the context! And in Portuguese we usually use the singular form.


It is a bit strange to think of it as a study of fish at first sight; I was thinking about cooking fish for a second.

study of fish/fish science = ichthyology (English) = ictiologia (Portuguese), however I'm sure people don't say that terminology in daily life either.



"Minha especialidade" here = what I can cook better.


@Paulenrique, sorry, I'm confused by your reply ... what did you meant? Did you mean:

  1. if I want to say fish is what I can cook better, I say "Peixe é minha especialidade" without "a"?

  2. if I want to say I'm specialised in fish science, I say "Peixe é a minha especialidade" with "a"?

But it doesn't make sense to me that the article will a difference though... Thanks. 10/03/2017


The "a" is optional here. Both ideas are expressed the same way in Portuguese, so you'll need to ask the person for clarification! =)


"My specialty is fish" wasn't accepted...why?


Because it changes the order of the subject and the object, which slightly changes the meaning. DuoLingo wants the most literal translation.


Usually DL wants the most literal translation, but I'll never forget the time it translated "esta confusão" as "this mess."


It's a valid translation.

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