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"Vi har fiskene og tallerkenene."

Translation:We have the fish and the plates.

August 19, 2015



Fish and plates, what more could anyone wish for?


I can hear in the audio: "vi har THE fiskene..." It's wrong, isn't it? Or I'm the only one who hears it?


To me it sounds like she's moving the verb into past... "vi hadde fiskene ..." Slow audio is fine.


I haven't learned past tense verbs yet, so maybe you're right.


We (the editors) need to disable listening on that exercise because of it;-)

You will be marked incorrect if you actually wrote "hadde" there, even if she does say it. The robo-voice does get hiccups...


Haha! Ok, thanks for the explanation! :)


I came here specifically because I thought it said that in the listen word tap question format ^^;


Agreed. I wrote "Vi har de fiskene..." and was surprised when I got it wrong.


The audio makes it sound like "tallerkene"

When people are speaking in norwegian, is it common for some of the syllables to not be enunciated clearly and mush together like that or is this more of a computer voice issue?


I would probably pronounce it something like "tallerknene" swallowing the e after the k (not to mention in the audio it also sounds like she's saying "Vi hadde.." (past tense)..)

Yes, it's quite common for syllables to be drawn together, especially suppressing the e-s completely or making it very small just like a little pause with really no sound to it, but just ask people to slow down and they'll probably speak more clearly as well (A buddy of my brother was married to a Swedish girl, and she thought she understood Norwegian well, until my brother and his buddy started talking to each other and forgot she was there. My dialect is rather broad and rushed.)


Thanks for the explanation! What dialect do you use? I had learned some Tromsø dialect from my gf and her family before starting this class and it has been a bit of a challenge to remember to give translation answers in Bokmål instead of how they write/speak.


I'm from Skien (capital of Telemark), in the dialectic area of Grenland. It's rather standard East Norwegian Bokmål and broad, but not as radical as the working class/proletarian people of Oslo. My Norwegian teacher would always say that if we substituted all the broad æ's and a's in our dialect with clean open a's we'd get Nynorsk..

I heard an interview with a union leader of Oslo and he kept saying Arbeidera, where I would say Arbeiderane (correct written form Arbeiderne pl.ind, Arbeider m). I choose my written forms fairly radical to stay as close to my dialect as possible.

In Tromsø they speak Nordnorsk:) Can't be easy to understand for someone learning Bokmål. But at least everything written is in Bokmål.


Very interesting. Is the dialect of Telemark too different from the standard Norwegian that we learn here in Duolingo? I may come in Porsgrunn next year.


Mmmm sounds like a fish fry

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