"Kvinnen drikker ikke brus."

Translation:The woman does not drink soda.

August 19, 2015



Hello :-)

Could I kindly ask why this isn't/can't be accepted as an alternative : "The woman is not drinking a soda."

Thank you :-)

August 20, 2016


I think I get it. Kvinnen drikker ikke brus... This caused me a problem too until I read it more carefully. Note the lack of 'en' before 'brus', which indicates soda in general rather than an individual soda.

April 13, 2017


I entered The woman doesn't drink soda. This was rejected. I have experienced that multiple possible translations get accepted, but I feel this rejection is amiss.

May 30, 2017


My reply "The woman does not drink soda" was accepted, so I think your rejection was due to the contraction

January 11, 2018


The -en sounds like it collapsed, resulting in kvinnn.

August 19, 2015


That's how it's pronounced by human beings as well as robots.

August 19, 2015


wouldn't lemonade be a correct translation too?

October 22, 2015


It should be. I don't think they mean soda water but soda is the american term for any fizzy beverage and not a word a British person would use. The first thing I thought was baking soda and that is obviously not right.

November 5, 2015


I think the British version would be 'fizzy drink' - could we have that included?

January 31, 2018


Aren't 'is not drinking' and 'does not drink' same thing?

September 10, 2018
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