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"Mi sendus al vi retmesaĝon, se vi dirus al mi, kio estas via retpoŝtadreso."

Translation:I would send you an email, if you would tell me what your email address is.

August 19, 2015



The way this sentence is written works, but it just feels and sounds bad.


This sentence sounds very passive-aggressive.


That's the kind of thing I would say to someone who would have been asking for my email for months, without giving me their email address


I don't quite understand the tense here. Shouldn't it be "I would send you an email, if you would tell me your email address"? Why would "told", in the past tense be the translation here.


English uses in conditional sentences Past Simple/Continues if it refers to the present or future. For example: "If I were you".


This is called "second conditional" and it simply is like that for no good reason: http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/conditional2.htm

English grammar is full of such weird tiny things.


2x would? Is it how you do conditional sentences in English?


I wrote "I would send you an email if you would tell me what is your email adress" and it didn't approve. is it purly an English mistake?


I think yes. I think / it sounds better to me (English speaker since 35 years) if you would but the 'is' at the end like:

...email, if you would tell me, what your email address is

but I forgot the grammar behind it.

just mina deux cents...


You really need a browser that shows you the dates of the messages. Maybe someone will come along in the future with the same question about English word order in the Esperanto course, but for sure Eyalthegreat has moved on to other things since June 2016 -- and only level 10 in Esperanto in all that time.


would "Mi sendus al vi retmesaĝon, se vi dirus al mi vian retpoŝtadreson." work?

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