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  5. "Ela olha e lê."

"Ela olha e lê."

Translation:She looks and reads.

October 24, 2013



seriously ? we can't distinguish the words without reading the sentence afterwards. Can we get a better text-to-speech engine please ?


my preference: profile->settings-> speaker off - microphone off ... best times spent in duolingo afterward. no futile heart loss, no obstacles to one's learning. :)


I don't remember how it was 3 years ago, but today (march/2017) it's perfect.

Yes, Portuguese words mend together in speech (just as in most languages).
We've got to be trained to identify them.


That's exactly how it's supposed to sound :)


Why isn't "she looks and reads" accepted?


But now "She sees and reads" isn't 7/3/14


So 'le' without the ^ accent makes the whole sentence wrong? Wut.


le doesn't exist. And one of the biggest challenges in Portuguese is the correct accents in words. I guess that's why you fail if you don't put it..


Usually duo doesn't take a heart off for accents, though. Just marks them in red and tells you to pay attention to them.


I think in general you lose a heart with the wrong accent or not adding one if it changes the meaning of the word, like for example "e" (and) and "é" (you/he/she is)- even though they're pronounced the same...


They're not pronounced the same. They're absolutely different.

Mostly, "e" is pronounced as "i". And even when people decide to overstress the "e" sound, it's still an "ê" sound.

"É" is always "é". A clear open "é".

In English, "ê" can be found in "way".
And "é" can be found in "cell". (The more American, the better).


Why isnt olha see but is looks... what's the difference

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You see anything that is in front of your eyes. Looking involves actively paying attention.

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