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Multiple Language Backgrounds

I teach in an Intensive English Program. My students are fairly proficient in English, but come from many different language backgrounds including Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish.

I was trying this out in my classroom and sent out the link this evening. One of the Arabic language students registered first and started completing the tasks (hurrah!) but now I'm concerned if other students join it will be in Arabic for them too even if that's not their language. Is my concern valid or do I just need to wait a while longer and it will sort itself out?


August 19, 2015



It should not matter which language students are learning from, they should be able to select the base language themselves. Please let us know if there are any issues. =]


I'm having an issue I can't figure out. I'm learning Spanish and German, but also run a classroom for Japanese learning English. But my classroom seems to automatically be titled "English for Spanish Speakers" with no way I can find to change it. How can I change the classroom language so that my students can join and I can monitor them?

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